SharePoint 2010 Groups Display Item Limit

The issue at hand is when you go to Site Actions > Site Settings >  People and Groups. Under the Quick Launch the Groups are displayed. If you select "More..." you go to the /_layouts/groups.aspx page to hopefully sell all the SharePoint groups listed in that Site Collection.

For some unknown reason I can only see the first 30 groups. This happens in 2 of the 5 SharePoint 2010 environments I have tried this on. Some have many site collections, some have 1, some are pre-SP1 and some are post SP1. 

As usual, when I write a post it is because I had a hard time finding the exact fix for my problem. There are a few other blog posts out there with the same issue, but they did not fix the issue for me. I will list those below if it may help someone else.

The fix for me was actually a comment on another post on SharePoint 2007 with the same issue by "Carlos J Sosa M" which was quite easy to do, unlike finding GUIDs and the like. I have modified for clarity.

1. Browse to "http://your site collection/_catalogs/users/AllGroups.aspx"
2. Site Actions > Edit Page.
3. Modify the List View web part.
4. Under Selected View click the "Edit the current view" link.
5. Go to the Item Limit section and choose the radio button for "

You can now edit the view settings and change the paging value, like other SharePoint list.

Thank you Carlos!

Here are some of the other blogs with potential fixes for other users;


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